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Jon Stewart Calls Out Biden’s Double Standards on Israel

Jon Stewart challenged the Biden administration on how it deals with Israel, pointing out the stark contrast between the US government’s response to the Ukraine-Russia conflict and the Gaza war.

On Monday’s episode of The Daily ShowStewart took a “health check” on the war in Gaza, adding that “as the war has intensified, justice has begun to look like cruelty.”

In a segment The Daily Show Dubbed “Futile Crescent,” the host looked at the Biden administration’s recent commitment to maintaining a rules-based order rooted in America’s “universal values” — but only in relation to the Ukraine conflict. Using clips of President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blanken, Stewart focused on strongly condemning Russian aggression against Ukraine, and in particular, targeting and suppressing the free press and food shortages against Ukrainians. His comments about Russian efforts to weaponize, later. The policy has been described by Blanken as “unwise”.

Stewart joked, “Weaponizing food in Ukraine is neither kosher nor halal. “Excuse me if I sing it both ways. Speaking of which, there is a literal famine in Gaza because of the war. I think the US will also consider it frivolous?

“I think you all know what’s going to happen next,” Stewart said as he played a series of clips featuring Biden administration officials John Kirby and Karen Jean-Pierre deflecting questions. Or simply expressed “concern” about Israel’s pressure to suppress and target the press in Gaza. . “More journalists have been killed in Gaza than anywhere else in the world in six months,” Stewart said, cutting to another clip of Jean-Pierre, “and a new Israeli law says they can ban media outlets they find offensive.” They understand the danger.” “Concern” over reports that Israel wants to ban news network Al Jazeera.

Instead of concern, Stewart suggested that if the Al Jazeera reports are true, the United States should say “we condemn it.” He then moved on to the issue of recent land grabs, describing the “fundamental principle of international law” as “non-grabbing of land”. “When Russia does that, we’re very clear,” he said, ending Biden’s recent comments: “The whole world has a stake in making sure that any nation, any aggressor, is defeated by force. Do not allow us to take over a neighbor’s territory.. The American people will never waver from our commitment to these values.

“Look, this is where Israel’s actions get interesting. Because you can say, Israel’s war is different. [from] Ukraine, Israel is responding to the attack and the hostage crisis,” Stewart said, trying to clarify the respective conflicts. “But in the midst of that, they pulled a little something in the West Bank on March 22 that could be remarkable,” he said, referring to the Israeli government’s appropriation of 2,000 acres of Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank on the same day. added. Blanken was in Israel for talks.

“It’s not even Gaza. It’s the West Bank,” Stewart said. “So you can’t say it has anything to do with self-defense against Hamas. Let’s see if the U.S. upholds its principle against taking land. Then after a clip of Blanken talking about the land grab. Tried to remove a question and failed.

“Why do we walk on eggshells?” said an exasperated Stewart. “[Israel slaps] In America’s face and our response is: ‘Well, if somebody slapped us in the face, it would be relevant, that’s for sure. I mean, to touch the sensitive part of the body of the face, if true.’ The verbal gymnastics the U.S. government must perform to avoid offending the delicate sensibilities of a country to which we supply most of our weapons is a hoot!

Stewart continued, “Every time America tells the world there is something we will not allow, Israel seems to accept the challenge. Are they deliberately trying to provoke us? are?”

After reiterating the death toll in Gaza, and seemingly no change or relaxation in Israel’s prosecution of its war, despite the Biden administration’s push for more “precision” in military strikes, Stewart Asked: “What are we doing here?”

“The subtext of all this is that America knows it’s wrong. But apparently, it doesn’t seem to have the guts to say it outright,” he added.

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