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Rust Armorer’s Family Starts GoFundMe for Appeal

ahead of rust Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reid’s sentencing for involuntary manslaughter is scheduled for April 15, her family said. GoFundMe To help pay the cost of the appeal.

A 26-year-old Arizona woman faces up to 18 months in prison for her role in the accidental shooting death of cinematographer Halina Hitchens on the set of a low-budget western. Gutierrez-Reed has been in custody since the Santa Fe jury’s verdict was read on March 6.

During her trial, New Mexico attorney Jason Bowles represented Gutierrez-Reid. GoFundMe, which was started by her father, longtime entertainment industry armourer Theil Reed, asks donors to contribute to the costs of the appeal, with a fundraising goal of $100,000.

The shooting occurred on October 21, 2021, when an old-fashioned revolver handled by Alec Baldwin went off while he was practicing making weapons. Hitchens was killed and director Joel Souza was injured.

During the trial, prosecutors said Gutierrez-Reid, who has maintained he believed he loaded Baldwin’s gun with “dummy” rounds, was negligent in handling firearms and ammunition. was rust Seth’s defense argued that Gutierrez-Reed was a scapegoat for major safety problems on the low-budget western that she could not control and blamed Baldwin, one of more than a dozen producers on the film, among others. between Baldwin, who is set to go on trial in July for involuntary manslaughter, has pleaded not guilty.

Text accompanying the Reed family’s GoFundMe reads, “Based on a flawed, suspiciously biased investigation by New Mexico officials, prosecutors found Gutierrez-Reed primarily responsible, despite OSHA Official reports and OSHA investigators found unsafe practices and a culture of lack of safety throughout production, clearly incriminating the film’s producers and production crew. The family’s petition states, ” The judicial scale in Hina’s case is unfair and unbalanced. Justice for Helena does not mean justice for Hanna.

Before Gutierrez-Reed was sentenced, supporters of the armory, including Edward Romero, former ambassador to Spain under President Clinton and leader of the Hispanic community in New Mexico, and Sacramento Kings head coach Mike Brown spoke to the judge on his behalf. Letters have been sent.

In a sentencing memo filed with the court on April 10, Gutierrez-Reid’s attorneys say Armorer has suffered from anxiety, fear and depression since the shooting, and is seeking counseling at the Mohave Mental Health Clinic in Arizona. .

“A few days after this tragedy occurred, Ms. Gutierrez-Reid wanted to express her deepest sorrow regarding this tragedy and Halina’s death to the Hutchins family,” the sentencing memo said. “However, the legal proceedings and ongoing investigation made that impossible. Although he exercised his constitutional right to a jury trial, that did not mean that he would deny what happened on that tragic day. From then on she didn’t feel incredibly sad and heartbroken and still doesn’t. rust Set The tragic chain of events that unfolded that day destroyed and changed the lives of many, including Ms. Gutierrez’s Reeds.

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