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Who Got the Bigger Debut Check?

Conor McGregor vs Dwayne Johnson: Who Cashed the Bigger Debut Check?

Did Conor McGregor really set a world record with himself? Roadhouse Payday? That’s what the one-time UFC superstar has been bragging about in recent weeks, claiming he’s now “the highest-paid first-time performer of all time.” If true — and McGregor, 35, hasn’t disclosed how much he received for his first role in Amazon’s reboot of the 1989 kickboxing flick — it would beat Dwayne Johnson’s 2002 record of $5.5 million. will Scorpion King. While some have scoffed at his claim, sources say he was indeed paid in the ballpark, and given the Irishman’s stature in the martial arts world and the offers he turned down, he In 2017, accepted a role opposite Vin Diesel. xXx: The Return of Xander Cage., just pulling back before filming started) It wouldn’t be surprising if some kind of record was broken. McGregor certainly earned more for it Roadhouse Compared to many current A-listers who are pocketed for their marquee debuts (like Chris Hemsworth, who earned a paltry $150,000 for his first film). Thor movie, or Gal Gadot, who only made $300,000 for her debut Wonder Woman the film). Still, even if he beats Johnson’s paycheck, McGregor likely hasn’t adjusted for inflation. In 2002, $5.5 million was worth $9.4 million today. – Aaron Couch

Getting fired is the best revenge.

Two former high-flying magazine editors who were fired from their glamorous media jobs have teamed up to write a book … about being fired from glamorous media jobs. Laura Brown, who has a gig as editor-in-chief. In style was “eliminated” in 2022, and Christina O’Neill, who The Wall Street Journal Announced to “resign” from top job at his magazine in 2023, co-author All the cool kids are fired., which they hope will help elicit something from slipping pink, or letting go, or losing character, or whatever euphemisms your former bosses used to describe your dumping. will “A lot gets wrapped up in the surrounding language. [getting fired], but if everyone can just call it what it is, you can be in a better place emotionally,” O’Neill suggests. Brown offers advice that’s as relevant to agents as To editors: “It’s important to own your talent. Don’t associate your worth with where you work – your worth is in yourself. Published by Simon & Schuster, the book will hit shelves in January 2026. Lachlan Cartwright

No, you are not being stalked – this is just a press release.

We knew publicists could be scared, but this scared journalists so much they were calling the cops. Marshall Weinbaum, a 17-year veteran of Disney’s PR department, was the mastermind behind what may be the most chilling press campaign since the Missing Persons posters went up at Sundance. The Blair Witch Project. to advertise The first omen – the latest incarnation in the Antichrist franchise – Weinbaum sent reporters to haunt the children’s drawings with no explanation as to what they were. “In the film, there are these horrible drawings of little girls with their faces crossed out, so I had the idea to print them out and mail them to the press,” he explains. Another, later mailing would make it clear that these were part of a PR campaign, but not before some people took the memos seriously. Amanda Taylor, a Missouri-based blogger — who is also running for the state House on a pro-choice ticket — believed she had been targeted by right-wing terrorists and filed a police report. “I was freaking out,” she says. “My husband touched her, so I’m yelling at him to wash his hands.” Weinbaum, for her part, regrets scaring anyone but notes that “more People made fun of him.”

Why Chloë Sevigny Hates LA

It turns out Chloë Sevigny doesn’t hate LA as much as she did a few months ago. In February, the 49-year-old “It” girl turned indie darling had some rude things to say about our city. Ale A video promoting his gig on Hulu’s Truman Capote drama quarrel. “The last place I want to be is Los Angeles,” she said. “I think it’s very isolated … I find sunlight monotonous. I don’t like how dry it is. I don’t like how hard the water is.” But when THR Recently caught up with the actress — in LA, of all places! – He sang a different tune. “[[[[Ale} asked me where I wouldn’t want to live and I’ve spent a lot of time in LA, so I rattled off why I wouldn’t want to live here. Finally, I gave 20 reasons why I love LA, but they edited it. For the record, those reasons include: “Old Hollywood glamour, streets named after stars, architecture, fine art, punk bands and all my friends who live here.” – Chris Gardner

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