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Missiles Fired At Radar Defense For Secret Iran Nuclear Site: Israel

Israel: American media reported on Friday that the alleged Israeli strike in Iran between Thursday and Friday night went beyond what Tehran described as several small drones. Three missiles were reportedly involved in the attack. Israeli Air Force The warplanes hit an air defense radar site near Isfahan, part of an array defending the nearby top-secret Natanz nuclear site.

According to reports initially published by ABC and later by the New York Times, the missiles were fired from outside Iranian airspace. The ABC report described the strike as “very limited”, taking out the radar site, with an assessment yet to be completed.

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It is not clear from these reports whether the missiles were in addition to the drones reported by Iran. The New York Times noted that the new information showed that the Israeli attack “involved more advanced firepower than initial reports indicated.” However, it remains unclear what type of missiles were used, where they were fired from, whether any were intercepted by Iran’s defenses, or where they landed.

Earlier, Iran claimed that three small drones were involved in the attack on Isfahan. State TV reported that the small plane was destroyed by air defenses, without mentioning any missiles or damage in the attack.

Iranian officials said air defenses opened fire at a major airport in Isfahan, long home to Iran’s fleet of US-made F-14 Tomcats – bought before the 1979 Islamic revolution.

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