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Terror Threat To T20 World Cup From Pakistan

Terror Threat To T20 World Cup From Pakistan – Cricket West Indies (CWI) has acknowledged the security warning regarding the upcoming T20 World Cup to be held in the Caribbean and USA from June 1 to 29. Despite acknowledging the security risks, CWI has reiterated its commitment to ensuring the safety of the event. They have expressed their intention to work closely with Caribbean countries to counter any potential threats and ensure the smooth conduct of this important tournament.

According to a report, Pakistan posed a security threat to the Caribbean islands, with the aim of inciting violence and disrupting sporting events, as part of the Islamic State (IS) agenda. The report notes that pro-IS media outlets have launched a campaign of inciting violence against sports events, including video messages from the Afghanistan-Pakistan branch, IS-Khorasan (IS-K). The messages highlighted attacks in various countries and urged supporters to take part in conflicts in their own nations.

CWI CEO Jonny Graves has assured the safety and security of all stakeholders at the T20 World Cup, saying that they have a comprehensive security plan in place for the tournament.

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The report further details that security threat intelligence originated from IS’s propaganda channel Nasir Pakistan.

The tournament is to be held in six locations in the Caribbean: Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia, Guyana, Trinidad, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Barbados, as well as three locations in the United States: Dallas, Florida, and New York. However, the reported security threat is particularly concentrated on the Caribbean islands.

During the group stage of the tournament, hosting duties are shared between the US venues and the Caribbean Islands, with 20 teams divided into four groups of five. After this stage, the Caribbean islands will exclusively host the Super Eight stage as well as the semi-finals and final. The semi-finals are scheduled for June 26 and 27 in Guyana and Trinidad respectively, before the final in Barbados on June 29.

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