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Iran Calls Suspected Spy Ship Back Amid Concerns Of Israel Strike

Iran Calls Suspected Spy Ship Back Amid Concerns Of Israel Strike – According to Bloomberg, a suspected Iranian surveillance ship is returning to Iran amid fears of a possible Israeli attack. The Behshad left its position off the coast of Yemen on 4 April and stopped moving until it reappeared near the Strait of Hormuz on 18 April.

Bloomberg reported that the ship’s signals indicated it would arrive at Iran’s Bandar Abbas port later today. Behshad is listed as a commercial cargo ship under a Tehran company that has been approved by the US Treasury Department as a front for Iran’s official shipping lines.

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Deployed on board The Red Sea Since 2021, Iran has removed the Saviz, another suspected surveillance ship in the Red Sea that was damaged in an attack linked to Israel, part of an ongoing shadow conflict involving regional naval attacks. was

Iran previously claimed that Savage supported “anti-piracy” efforts in the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab strait. In March, Tehran warned the US against targeting any ships.

Over the weekend, Iran fired more than 300 missiles, drones and rockets at Israel in response to an alleged Israeli attack in Damascus on April 1 that reportedly targeted a consular building, including two of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The general and several other officers were killed. Most of the projectiles fired at Israel were intercepted, although one girl was seriously injured.

On April 17, the former intelligence chief of Israel’s spy agency Mossad said targeting Iran’s nuclear facilities was a possible move as Israel considered a response to Saturday’s attack. In an interview with The World’s Yalda Hakim in Jerusalem, Zahar Palti discussed possible responses after Iran fired more than 300 missiles and drones at Israel.

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When asked if all options were being considered, including targeting nuclear facilities, Palti replied: “Absolutely. Everything is on the table at the moment.”

When asked about specifically targeting nuclear facilities, he confirmed: “Yes, everything is being considered.”

On Sunday, Iran temporarily shut down its nuclear facilities due to “security concerns” and the International Atomic Energy Agency suspended inspections for two days.

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